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Progress Task
Ongoing Update creatures, abilities, events, version history and any other updates as changes occur
Ongoing Add videos ONLY from official Jurassic World Alive account on YouTube
Ongoing Add promotional images ONLY from official sources such as @JWorldAlive on Twitter or Jurassic World Alive on Facebook


Progress Task
To do Add location to all Creatures' pages. (See Spawn dynamics for info on spawns and Arenas for exclusive creatures.)
To do Find out if we can add a search filter to tables. This would be great for a "compare" page where we have two tables next to each other and you can compare two creatures' stats.
To do Edit page for each battle arena with descriptions of scenery, screenshots, etc

In Progress

Progress Task
In progress Update all Creatures' stats
In progress If a page has no category, see if it belongs in an existing category. If not, create a RELEVANT category for it.
In progress Edit all pages of each Ability


Progress Task
Done Add in-game description to each Creature's page
Done Add Possible Hybrids to each Creature's page
Done Add Creation Tree to each Hybrid Creature's page
Done Update List of Creatures with lvl 30 stats. EDIT: keep all stats up to 30.
Done Update Creatures Infoboxes with lvl 30 stats. EDIT: keep all stats up to 30.
Done Add pages for status effects (Vulnerable, Slow, Shield etc)
Done Update info for all Creatures' infoboxes on their pages
Done Add Abilities to each Creature's page
Done Add all Creature's profile image (Avatar)
Done Create list of abilities
Done Create page for each ability (this could later show which creatures have that ability)
Done Start Wiki
Done Create list of creatures