The Social section of the game is where the player can interact with Friends.

Social aspects are accessed by clicking on the Social tab on the bottom-right of the screen.


Friends are shown as a list under the player's Social tab. The player can see which friends are online, which friend requests are pending and a general list of Friends. Friends can be added by

  • manually searching their username (and code)
  • via Facebook
  • sending an invite link to that friend

Friendly Battle

Players can challenge a Friend to a Friendly Battle.

This functions as a normal Battle with some notable differences:

  • All creatures will be used at level 26 in order for both players to experience a more fair match.
  • No coins or incubators will be rewarded upon winning. (This is likely to prevent a player simply creating an alternate account and purposely losing continuously to allow one of the two accounts to accumulate rewards.)
  • No trophies will be gained or lost regardless of the outcome of the Friendly Battle.


  • This gameplay element was added to the game in version 1.3.