• Scent Capsules emit special scents to attract more creatures to your location for 5 minutes or longer, depending on the type of Scent Capsule.[1]
  • The attracted creatures are only visible to you, the owner of the capsule.
  • Creatures spawned by the Scent Capsule will have a minor animation around them to show that they're only visible to you.
  • All Scent Capsules are stored in your Inventory.

Rarity-based Scent Capsules

Rarity-based Scent Capsules come in 3 forms: CommonRare, and Epic.

All three of these Scent Capsules are also available in the Market.

You can obtain Common Scent Capsules from Supply Drops, limited to 1 per day. (But this limit may be separate from Event Supply Drops). While they are likely to attract more Common creatures, a Common Scent Capsule may also attract Rare or Epic creatures for lucky players. These capsules last for 5 minutes.

As their names imply, Rare and Epic Scent Capsules are more likely to attract Rare or Epic creatures respectively. These capsules will usually only be available via the Market. These capsules last for 20 minutes.

Family-based Scent Capsules

Some scents are based on creature families (such as StegosauridaeDromaeosauridaeCeratopsiansTheropodsAnkylosauriaHadrosaursSauropods, etc.) and will be most likely to attract creatures of that specific category. These capsules also last 20 minutes. They will occasionally be available to players, likely via the Market but possibly also by other means.



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