The Market is a virtual store where items can be purchased with in-game or real currency. Real currency values and in-game prices differ per region.

The items available in the Market are as follows:


Main article: Incubators

Incubators are item packages that take a set duration of time or currency to allow them to open. Usually Incubators include a small amount of Cash, a medium amount of Coins and a large amount of DNA. In the Market, Incubator prices may differ with the player's current level and with game updates.

The following Incubators are always available in the Market

  • Free (This incubator costs nothing but only refreshes every 6 hours)
  • Rare (Contains guaranteed Rare DNA)
  • Epic (Contains guaranteed Epic and Rare DNA)
  • VIP Epic (Only available for VIP players)

Special Offer Incubators

  • Often, there will be a special deal available in the store that contains one or more specific Creatures' DNA.
  • These Incubators usually correspond with the current Weekly Showcase Creatures that are available for that week or contain a set of Creatures following a specific theme.
  • e.g. See Stunning Creatures special offer in the image below. This Incubator has a guaranteed chance to contain DNA for Creatures with Stun abilities such as Triceratops.


Cash is used for currency in the game and is usually used to purchase other items in the Market or to speed up Incubators won from battles. Bundles of Cash available in the Market are usually:

  • Free
  • Pile of Cash (500)
  • Chest of Cash (1200)
  • Case of Cash (2600)
  • Vault of Cash (7000)
  • Mountain of Cash (15000)

Free Cash offers

  • Free Cash offers usually require a player to perform an action on an external app or website.
  • Depending on the amount of effort required for the player to complete an action, more Cash could be rewarded compared to other offers.
  • Cash rewards also differ per region with some areas receiving a higher effort-to-reward ration than others.


Coins are mostly used to evolve Creatures in order to power them up to higher levels.


Equipment consists of Darts, Batteries and the player's Drone. While normal batteries were removed from general gameplay, VIP batteries still exist to extend VIP players' range when encountering Creatures.

Items available in the Market are:

  • 10 Darts
  • 120 Darts
  • VIP Enhanced Batteries