In addition to these ordinary hybrids, a hybrid can be further fused with another creature to form a Superhybrid. Superhybrids are some of the rarest creatures, usually set at Legendary or Unique in terms of Rarity.

See Superhybrid for further information.

Here is a list of the known available Superhybrid creatures in the game:

AllosinosaurusProfile Allosinosaurus
DiloracheirusProfile Diloracheirus
DiorajasaurProfile Diorajasaur
ErlidominusProfile Erlidominus
GigaspikasaurProfile Gigaspikasaur
IndoraptorProfile Indoraptor
MagnapyritorProfile Magnapyritor
MegalosuchusProfile Megalosuchus
MonostegotopsProfile Monostegotops
NodopatotitanProfile Nodopatotitan
SarcorixisProfile Sarcorixis
SpinotasuchusProfile Spinotasuchus
StegodeusProfile Stegodeus
TragodistisProfile Tragodistis
TrykosaurusProfile Trykosaurus
TryostronixProfile Tryostronix
TuoramolochProfile Tuoramoloch
UtarinexProfile Utarinex