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Hybrids are creatures formed by fusing two other creatures together. Generally, the hybrid creature will always be one or more tiers of rarity above their "ingredient" creatures.

DNA must be collected for each of the "ingredient" creatures in order to start creating a hybrid.

The "ingredient" creatures need to be of a certain level before the hybrid DNA can be created.

Fusion process

Once enough DNA is collected for each of the two creatures and the correct levels are met, a player will be able to create hybrid DNA by sacrificing DNA of each of the two creatures to produce a random amount between 10 and 100 DNA for the hybrid creature. The probability of producing a certain amount of DNA is shown in the following table.

Amount of DNA Probability Probability in %
10 500 40.4
20 300 24.2
30 245 19.8
40 100 8.1
50 70 5.6
60 10 0.8
70 7 0.6
80 4 0.3
90 2 0.2
100 1 0.1

From this point on, the player will need to constantly save up DNA of the two ingredient creatures in order to continue evolving the hybrid creature further to increase its level.This process may need to be carried out multiple times until eventually, the hybrid creature will have enough DNA to be fully created.

DNA Cost

Ingredient Rare Epic Legendary Unique
Common 50x 200x 500x 2000x
Rare / 50x 200x 500x
Epic / / 50x 200x
Legendary / / / 50x
Unlocks at 100 DNA 150 DNA 200 DNA 250 DNA


See also: List of Superhybrids

In addition to these ordinary hybrids, a hybrid can be further fused with another creature to form a Superhybrid. Superhybrids are some of the rarest creatures, usually set at Legendary or Unique in terms of Rarity.

However, for a superhybrid, DNA will be even more difficult to obtain because it will mean collecting the DNA of all ingredient creatures required and then sacrificing that DNA in creating the ingredient hybrid DNA first, then still further gambling that ingredient hybrid DNA to create a random amount of the super hybrid DNA.

An example of this could be fusing Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus rex to create the Legendary hybrid, Indominus Rex but then fusing Indominus Rex with Velociraptor again to create the Unique Superhybrid, Indoraptor.


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