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If a creature is close enough on the map, a player will be able to send out their Drone to obtain DNA from it.

DNA is obtained from creatures in the game using darts.

Firing a dart is carried out by tapping and holding on the screen to start the aiming process, aiming at the creature in question and then releasing the screen to fire the dart. The drone is very sensitive to movement. Practice will be required to collect sufficient DNA to level the creature or fuse is hybrid. The closer to the creature is to the center of the circle the more time is available to aim darts.

If the outer target circle of the creature is hit, a small amount of DNA will be obtained. The closer the hit is to the middle of the circle, the more DNA obtained.

If the middle circle of the target is hit, a bonus amount of DNA will be obtained from a "Direct Hit".

The amount of DNA acquired per hit is also partially determined by the player's level where the higher the level, the more DNA acquired per hit. 10 at start and one added pet level (level 5 gets 15 max for direct hits on Commons). The amount of DNA acquired is also affected by the rarity of the creature. Rares, Epics, Legendary, and Unique, get increasingly less DNA per level. The Direct Hit circle also gets smaller and the evasive movements get more complex.