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Tool for the budding Dino Hunters:

I am 2 Google Sheets that I am sharing.

I have been filling in the first one with many of your help:

Please help me fill this in.

Tab 1 is "Create" Dino

Tab 2 is "Hybrid" Dino, least amount of work. I "might" fold that into the first tab.

Tab 3 is Battle Moves, mostly parallels a page in this site, quick reference.

Tab 4 is a communications tab. Updates go to my email.

This is entirely open, I do not want to lock it down. Play fair, no gaming.

--====-- Second GSheet --====-- (v.180620)

This is in BETA. It may break, I want feed back and I will work play through it.

1) Make a copy in your own G-Sheet, this was you can keep a copy of your battle team, not the last person that used it.

2) "Sheet2" is a live-ish copy of whats in the first workbook.

3) In the Battle Sheet tab, check the dinosaurs in Col 2 that you have (this is a live link to what's in my original DB, if a line is added it will through the Battle team off a line).

4) Enter the level of your dino in col C.

5) If the dino and Level are defined in my sheet, numbers will be populated in the remain row. If there is an error or 0 in the cell, I am missing that specific level go back and fill it in for me please. If your dino is not on the list (this is why I I may add hybrids to the afrementioned Create tab, likely) please added it along with all supporting data.

**Note** I have Columns D - I shaded so your highest values are darker

Good Luck